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Are you interested in using self hypnosis for labour and childbirth? Do you want to be in control of your birth? Are you looking for an easy, comfortable, and yet drug-free birth?

HypnoBirthing - The Mongan Method is the answer.

Now in its twentieth year, HypnoBirthing - The Mongan Method is a complete antenatal education. Our birthing classes are intended to help you have the most natural childbirth possible, using easily-learned self hypnosis and breathing techniques.

Whatever kind of birth you're planning - homebirth, hospital, birthing centre or whatever - HypnoBirthing can help.

On this site you'll find everything you need to know about HypnoBirthing - The Mongan Method in the UK, including:

"HypnoBirthing has given me one of the most wonderful experiences of my life....

Early in my pregnancy, I was convinced that I needed an epidural since all expectant mothers around me were doing that. I heard about HypnoBirthing and loved the idea of following a technique to lose fear and allow a natural painless birth, which is what the miraculous female body is destined to do naturally...

My mother and husband were...present and they were quickly believers when they witnessed a totally relaxed birth experience in spite of the complication of having a breech birth.

As it turned out, my labor went unusually fast mainly due to the fact the doctor administered Pitocin, which I had no option out of under the circumstances, but mainly that I was very relaxed through the surges.

Our experience is special and one that I will never forget in my life. HypnoBirthing and our doula were very instrumental in helping and supporting me to believe it could be this way in spite of a breech presentation. The experience helped me realize and believe that you should trust yourself and your body and allow it to do what it is naturally meant to do.

(Jackie took her classes from an American HypnoBirthing practitioner, and you can watch a news video about her child birth here. You can also read the full text of Jackie's birth story)

Jackie Gadret, France

If you're from the USA, then please visit our sister site (the HypnoBirthing Institute) at www.hypnobirthing.com

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